Nucleus to Lyngdorf TDAI2170 via HDMI

I have continuously problem when playing from Nucleus to Lyngdorf via HDMI, 2/3 times I need to restart Roon for the Lyngdorf to accept the signal, is there a solution to this problem?

Hi @Johan_Fors

When you try playing to the Lyngdorf are you receiving any error messages, or is the Lyngdorf not detected at all by Roon?

Has this setup worked for you previously or is this a new install?

Hi Dylan,

Its not detected at all when not working, when it is working, Lyngdorf shows bitrate etc. The problem have been since I’ve start using the combo. I’ve sent it to the dealer once but they could not find any problems with the HDMI. They did however say that the Lyngdorf is very strict with the protocol and any deviations could cause problems. The problem disappears when I do a hard restart of the Nucleus but appears again after some time.

Hi, I own a TDAI2170 too. Great device.
It does not have a ethernet port and is not certified as a Roon ready device. Therefore you will not see it in Roon. However it should play with any certified streamer through any TDAI input.

Hi Jules

I use Roon Nucleus as a streamer for the Lyngdorf via HDMI.

Hi again,

I was a little bit fast with the answer, sorry. I’m not using Lyngdorf as a streamer so Roon does not see it at all. I use Roon Nucleus as both Core and streamer via HDMI to Lyngdorf. I’m thinking of upgrade with an USB input on Lyngdorf and see if it will solve the problem. I just wanted to check here first if anyone else experienced the same issue before spending the extra money on USB module.

Hi @Johan_Fors

I just wanted to check in and see if you were able to give this a try with USB — Does everything work when doing that?


The USB module is installed and everything seems to be working fine so far.