Nucleus to Prima Luna DAC USB

A customer just bought a Nucleus and wants to connect it directly via USB to his Prima Luna DAC. It can´t connect.

Do DAC´s have to be Roon Tested to work with Nucleus?


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I’ll tag @support for you.
I suspect that DAC may not be support by Linux based operating systems, but let’s see what the Roon guys come back with.

Hi @Klaus_Reibke,

When the user connects the Prima Luna DAC to their Nucleus, does it show up under Roon Settings -> Audio at all?

No, DACs don’t necessarily have to be Roon Tested/Roon Ready to work with Nucleus, but they must support Linux.

I tried searching to see if Prima Luna advertises compatibility with Linux, but I was unable to find any information.

Can you please reach out to Prima Luna and inquire if the model the user has is compatible with Linux?

I’ve been looking at this DAC myself.

The Amerikan distributor for PrimaLuna is Upscale Audio. I bought a Evo 400 pre-amp from them.

I’ll call them later today.

@Klaus_Reibke, @noris

Last week, I sent an e-mail to both PrimaLuna and Upscale Audio.

Haven’t heard from PrimaLuna, but Upscale (top shelf folks) said they would contact the DAC Evo 100 designer for an answer.

Stay tuned.


Eagerly waiting for the news :wink:

Yeah, so am I.

Evidently, PrimaLuna doesn’t respond to their Amerikan distributor any better than it did to my e-mail.

I’m going to give it another week before I contact Upscale Audio again.


Thanks for your great effort,Will sort it for the moment with USB to SPDIFF,

Best regards Klaus