Nucleus to Sonos Amp via HDMI

Core Nucleus Roon Version 1.7 (build 511)

After months of waiting I now have a brand new Nucleus. I’ve have my Pro-Ject DC turntable connected to Sonos Amp to stream to Sonos speakers and Polk 3000 speaker/sub. The Nucleus is Ethernet wired to my router an Orbi75.

Thus far sound no complaints. But is there an advantage to connecting he Nucleus to the Amp via HDMI? I have installed a 1 TB Samsung SSD Evo and will eventually transfer my music files from my Macintosh to it.

I don’t want to be connecting haphazardly so as to not compromise the sound.



I can’t speak to the quality of the sound but the HDMI connection will allow you to play multi-channel files if you have them. I have my NUC connected to my Denon Receiver with HDMI and it sounds good to me and does play the multi-channel or stereo muisc as recorded.

Hi Mike. Thanks for the reply. Can you define multichannel?

Multichannel audio can be fed to a processor/AV amp via HDMI for a surround sound experience!

Thanks. You’ve been most helpful!

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