Nucleus unable to establish network connection (ref#85G166)

Is Roon Server running?

· No, Roon Server is not running.

Can you turn on RoonServer to connect ?

· I can't turn on Roon Server. I need help.

Describe the issue

Can't establish a network connection to Nucleus. My router doesn't see it, not issuing an IP. It's been working without any issues for years. It lost its network connection about a month ago but got reconnected and today it just died. My Unify can see the cable connected at 1G, but doesn't recognize Nucleus. Perhaps, Nucleus' network card failure?

Describe your network setup

Router: UniFi UDM SE, switch: UniFi USW 24 Poe, Nucleus is directly connected to the switch

Can you connect a monitor or TV to the HDMI connector on your Nucleus and post a photo of any messages that are displayed? Thanks.

Here you go

You have a Nucleus, but that message is saying that it is a ROCK system - so something is seriously wrong with the m.2 SSD used to hold the Roon OS and the Roon software.

The Support team will follow up with you on the next steps. From your first post, I suspect that the Nucleus is out of its two-year warranty period, so your cheapest and best option would be to replace the m.2 SSD yourself, install ROCK on it, and then ask the Support team to upgrade the ROCK version of Roon OS to the full Nucleus version (they can do this remotely).

Thanks @Geoff_Coupe, I’ll wait to hear from the Support team!

Hi @Mr_Bip,

We’ve reached out via PM to gather a few more device-specific details to proceed from here. We can see that you’ve created a second RoonServer instance in the meantime using one of your Remotes to use Roon in the meantime. Have you restored a Backup of the same Roon database on that machine?

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Hi @connor , I just responded via PM.
I haven’t created a second RoonServer instance or restored a backup of the database. I have an additional SSD installed on that machine but it was added a while back, when I first got Nucleus. The second drive has the data saved on it, not sure if a backup was created automatically?

Hi @Mr_Bip,

We’re seeing an active windows 10 device tied to your account running Roon Server. Backups won’t happen automatically unless you’ve first set up automatic backups from Roon Settings> Backups

Ideally, we’d want to review a set of logs from the Nucleus, could you boot the device back up and get a direct ethernet connection from it to your router?

@Geoff_Coupe is correct in that your Nucleus shouldn’t be showing up as ROCK. Are you able to access the webUI at all? Here’s more info on it:

We’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

Hi @benjamin, I’m not clear what you want me to do, can you please clarify? My current setup: I have an ISP modem/router that has my UniFi UDM SE plugged into. My switch UniFi USW 24 Poe is plugged into UniFi UDM SE. My Nucleus is plugged into that switch. Do you want me to connect Nucleus directly to UniFi UDM SE? That’s the device that assigns IPs. I’ve tried connecting Nucleus directly to the switch (UniFi USW 24 Poe) to no avail. I can’t even ping it.

The photo of the Nucleus screen that you posted earlier was showing that the IP address of the Nucleus is

To access the Web Administration Interface, type (or click this link) into the web browser of your Windows PC and post a screenshot of the result…

It’s not connecting:

Thanks - it definitely looks as though the m.2 SSD is faulty. The Support team will follow up with you (possibly via PM).

Hi @Mr_Bip,

@Geoff_Coupe is likely correct in that the m.2 SSD has failed. With your Nucleus no longer being in warranty, I’ll share the manual steps involved in replacing the SSD below:

Note that you’ll need a USB drive for this process that you can connect to a computer, and then the Nucleus.

The first thing you’ll want to do is purchase a new SSD. Here is a link to one SSD option we recommend to many users:

And here is a short video on how to replace the SSD on your device: Nucleus SSD replacement.mp4

After that, you’ll need to format the SSD. We have a good help article you can find here for next steps. Start from step #3 :

Essentially, you’ll be flashing the ROCK OS to a USB drive, and using it to boot and format the new SSD in your Nucleus.

Once you’ve successfully flashed ROCK onto the new SSD, keep your Nucleus online and let me know. From there, we can update you to the Nucleus OS on our end. :+1:

I’ll be on standby for any questions you have in the meantime!

Hi @benjamin,

Thanks! I’ll work on it over the weekend and let you know once it’s ready for your piece.

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Hi @benjamin - I’ve flashed ROCK on the new SSD, my Nucleus is online and ready for you. Thanks.

Thanks for the ping! Please keep the device online and our team will begin the OS flashing process as soon as they can. I’ll follow up once the process is complete :+1:

Hi @benjamin, is there anything else you need from me to complete this task? It doesn’t look like the device has been updated to the Nucleus OS. Thanks!