Nucleus unresponsive, device unreachable from browser 192.168... Roon sw cannot find server

Roon Server Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Dlink dir 882

Connected Audio Devices

wifi Amazon fire tablet
Nucleus LAN, USB to Topping DX90 DAC.

Win11, ASUS mb, AMD 5900, self made PC working reliably for 5 years.

Number of Tracks in Library

I don’t know since Nucleus unreachable. I would guess 5000 songs.

Description of Issue

Nucleus suddenly unresponsive on Win11, Android phones and tablets, etc. LAN yellow/green LEDs flicker at device.

Unreachable on LAN at,

All other products on network working normally.

AC power cycled device, modem, router many times. all other LAN devices working normally. Power supply 19.56 volts to unit. Roon on all devices cannot find Nucleus core.

Confused. Is your Roon server machine the self-made PC or a Nucleus? Why are you looking for the Nucleus on these two addresses, and

I have the Nucleus + as my Roon Server. I run Roon on various PC and Android devices.

Suddenly Roon (running on a WIN10 laptop) lost connection to Nucleus. Checked various other PC and android same problem. No core/Nucleus.

The Nucleus OS can normally be reached from any browser using the IP address. However, now Nucleus is not reachable from Roon or browser, as if it were powered off.

The self made machine runs Roon GUI only (not the server).

Which Lan subnet is the Nucleus on? For Roon, all computers need to be on the same subnet so, if the Nucleus is on 192.168.1.x subnet, then any Roon client on the 192.168.0.x will not be able to reach the Nucleus.

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So what was the reason to look for it on these two specific IP addresses, as opposed to any others? And these two addresses are on different subnets, as Rugby mentioned.

I have 1 router which has wired and wireless connections to devices. No matter whether the device (PC, android, whatever) is hardwired or wireless, the Nucleus is not reachable. If I log into the router, I can see all connected devices and their IP address. The Nucleus is not listed. This exact network environment has worked for some 2 years. Nothing changed. The Nucleus was working fine until, for no apparent reason, mid morning, it disappeared. Not sure I answered your question. Not sure how to answer the question.

Can you attach a monitor or TV to the HDMI connector on your Nucleus, reboot it, and post a photo of any messages that appear on the screen?

(post removed) @Geoff_Coupe You were 2 minutes faster! LOL. But, second your comment.

In the Nucleus documentation, they reference these addresses for connecting directly to the device. From this interface one can see/do various things like formatting an internal drive, updating firmware, etc. I could do exactly that in the past, but not now.

The IP can change I guess, but the address in the ticket is what worked in the past. Since the core cannot be found by roon, I can’t know if there is some new/different IP address assigned. Right? I guess I could blindly try to connect to every address assigned by the router. Not sure if I should expect to see Nucleus device name associated with the IP connections. For example there is a wireless connection to the printer and the device name is Canon MF656.

I did actually connect my TV to the HDMI port(s) on Nucleus but no output, no messages, etc

If you are seeing nothing on the monitor, then there might be something else happening and you should wait for official support to drop by.

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These are just examples. IP addresses typically are different in every network because your router assigns them to your devices. I.e., in your network it is not expected that the Nucleus can be found at example addresses.

You can find the addresses of all devices on your network by going to the admin web page or your router, which should list them.

Most decent routers provide a name service, so that you can use names like „nucleus“ (or „nucleusplus“) instead of the ever-changing IP addresses.

However, this might mean that there is another issue anyway, like the Nucleus possibly being broken:

Really appreciate all the community comments, questions and ideas. Since there is no HDMI output - which i never looked for or tried until now - maybe the problem is really with the Nucleus itself. The admin router page shows quite a few connected devices, but none named Nucleus. Hoping official support will drop in soon. :wink:

When and where did you buy the Nucleus? I suppose in the US directly from Roon. If it’s not older than two years it should be covered by warranty if necessary

bought less than 2 years ago directly from Roon USA direct. So, yes, really appreciating the 2 years if that is the inevitable resolution. Thanks Suedkiez.

Roon support will get back to you :slight_smile:

Hi @wendell_mcbride,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about your Nucleus troubles! :-1:

I will follow up via a private message with next steps, please keep an eye out for a message from me directly.

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