Nucleus upgrade ability

Looking into the possible change from a regular NUC setup into Nucleus or Nucleus+ here, so need simple “un-technical” answers…please!

  1. As both new versions/upgrades of Roon SW become available, as well as new versions of NUC’s processors in the future, IS the Nucleus upgradable to new NUC motherboards or not?

  2. Is a base i3 Nucleus (not Nucleus+) powerful enough on a circa 100.000 tracks library to do both convolution AND DSD128 upsampling at the same time?

Thanks for inputs!

  1. Almost certainly not. Intel have moved in/outs at the rear making aftermarket NUC cases almost single use only. If the Nucleus evolves into a different beast it will probably not be back compatible.
  2. No. 100k tracks you might get away with but DSP and convolution will require the plus.