Nucleus+ USB and Control4

(Ben Moree) #1

My C4 dealer was out trying to configure my system with the Nucleus+ I recently purchased. We ran into some issues and I am hoping that someone here might be able to point us in the right direction. In my system I want to use both the Nucleus USB output as well as stream to my Bluesound Node 2i render from the Nucleus. Both the USB and the Node 2i are connected to my Dac which controls the input switching and volume for all my sources. So far we were only able to get the Node 2i to work successfully with full integration with the Nucleus driver in C4. Is it possible to configure the Nucleus in C4 to use both outputs and treat them as separate zones? Thanks for your help.

(Noris) #3

Hi @Ben_Moree,

What kind of DAC are you using to facilitate the connection here, can you let me know the model/manufacturer? When you typically control this zone from within the Roon app (not using Control4), how do you achieve the input switching? Does the DAC display both output sources in the Roon Settings -> Audio tab?


(Ben Moree) #4

Hi @noris
Thanks for your reply. I have a McIntosh D1100 Dac. It was recently added to the list of reconfigured Roon ready devices I believe.

As for my system, prior to the installation of the Nucleus+, I had the Node connected by Coax and a Intel Nuci7 connected via USB to the dac. The Nuci7 was configured as the roon core (now replaced by the Nucleus+). In the roon app, I had configured two zones. One zone had the Node as the endpoint and the other had the D1100 USB connection. I could easily switch between these two zones in the roon app however this would not change the input on my dac. To do that, I had two activities in C4, one for Bluesound and the other for USB which would switch the dac to the appropriate input upon selecting the activity.

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One last thing I forgot to mention. The Node 2i is also new to the C4 installation. I purchased the node several months ago to replace a Sonos Connect. I was using the previously configured C4 Sonos activity to select the appropriate input on the dac to listen through the Node. So both the Node and the Nucleus+ were officially being programed into C4 yesterday.

(Noris) #6

Hi @Ben_Moree,

You mentioned this:

Would it not be possible to use a similar method and have Control4 perform the input switching (via RS232 or IR)? As soon as the Roon zone is selected, programatically having C4 make the input switch seems like a good solution here, or is there something preventing this kind of configuration?

– Noris

(Ben Moree) #7

Yes there appears to be some issue with setting up the configuration. The dealer couldn’t get the nucleus to configure the USB output as a separate zone. The only output was through the network connected Node.

(Noris) #8

Hi @Ben_Moree,

Can your dealer please reach out to me via private message or on this thread? I would like to request some technical clarification as to the exact issue, and if possible with a few screenshots.


(Ben Moree) #9

Info sent via PM. Thanks for your help

(Ben Moree) #10

Hi @noris

My dealer and C4 installer is requesting a direct # to speak with someone with regards to the C4 and Roon driver issues that they are experiencing. Unfortunately their company policy prevents them from sharing client C4 info or screen caps online.

Please PM with the info.

(Greg Finger) #11

This is a setup that can have some pitfalls. I can’t replicate the same configuration, but here’s what I would do:

Each Roon audio path needs to have it’s own Roon Zone added to the room, labeled whatever makes sense for each. You would not use the Bluesound driver, just Roon. You also need a driver for the McIntosh DAC for source switching and volume control. The 2 Roon zone drivers would have their audio bindings to the correct sources of the D1100 driver. The audio endpoint and volume devices bindings would be the D100. After this is done, you should see the 2 Roon devices under the listen menu, and should be able to navigate through what to play on it.

The pitfall is when you switch from one to the other without performing a “room off” what will happen. I don’t think Control4 will stop playback of the unused Roon zone until the Room Off button is pressed.

(Ben Moree) #12


Thanks for the suggestions. My dealer and the folks at Roon have connected and are working on a fix. From what I’ve heard the issue has to do with how C4 and the Nucleus driver handles the binding of two audio endpoints for the nucleus to a single DAC. I don’t know all the details but as soon as there is a solution I’ll report back.