Nucleus + USB connect to Trinity DAC

Just bought a nucleus plus and connected it to my Trinity DAC using a USB cable. The dac can be identified and enabled. However, there is is sound output. Streaming to other device is fine. The DAC is working properly with other source (including other USB source).

Anything I can do.

Hi @Wilson_Man,

Our team has looked into this DAC and the team has found that this DAC is incompatible with modern versions of Linux. Unfortunately there are not any changes that can be made on our end that would allow this DAC to work with Nucleus. We recommend reaching out to the DAC’s manufacturer and see if there are any plans to include Linux support in the future.

Kind regards,

Appreciate that Dylan. Another good reason to further upgrade the DAC …

You may also use a network endpoint with coaxial output to your DAC, from our company and others.

Yep, an Allo DigiOne is a great inexpensive ethernet to Coax/BNC output endpoint. Cheap enough to get you working while you start thinking about a new DAC, if you still want one.