Nucleus USB output to 2 DACs

Is it possible to use the two USB ports on the Nucleus to output to two separate DACs (e.g. a headphone DAC/Amp and the main system DAC)? And if so is there any degradation in sound quality etc.?

I have a NUC/Rock setup, have not tried it with 2 USB dac connections. I have one USB to the only DAC I have. If I had a second USB DAC I would try it and see. I think it would work but can’t say for sure. Try it and see. If it does work it will just be another zone with the same SQ.

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Yes it will work. I have had two to my ROCK so it will work for the Nucleus as well. Just name them differently in settings. No it’s does not change sq.

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Nucleus is limited to 2 USB ports, the usbc/lightning will not work. I run rock and have had more than 2 dacs connected to it, 5 at one time I recall. I’m not sure how well a usb hud would work tho - perhaps not well but ymmv