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Is anyone else having issues with the USB output on the Nucleus. My Primare pre amplifier is identified by the Roon software but there is no sound. My macbook works through the amplifiers USB input so it isnt a faulty pre amplifier.

Hi @David_Stephens1,

Do you have any other USB devices? Are they experiencing the same issue if so?

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup and a screenshot of the Signal Path when using the Primare attached to the Nucleus?



Yes ive tried the same input with my MacBook Pro which does work.!

Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 14.00.50|393x500

Looking in the Primaire manual, I only see reference about connecting the USB input to a PC or Mac. There’s nothing about compatibility with Linux - which I think would be necessary for connection to a Nucleus.

Thanks I hadn’t thought of that i’ll give Primare a call tomorrow.

Good catch, @Geoff_Coupe! Yes, I’m not seeing any sign of confirmed Linux support either. I’d confirm with Primare, @David_Stephens1.

If this doesn’t have Linux support you can always use Roon Bridge on a Mac or Windows device.

Hi all just got back after a trip, I have now got the Primare to work with the nucleus directly but I now have a problem where the volume level is incredible low from the nucleus. Anyone have any ideas ???

Hi @David_Stephens1,

Can you please share a screenshot of the Signal Path when you have content playing to the Primare? Here is an example of Signal Path:


attached is a picture of the signal path which looks spot on, but its just the level of the output.!

Hi @David_Stephens1,

Thanks for that screenshot! I’m looking over one of the earlier ones you posted:

You appear to have a “Comfort Limit” set here, under Volume Limits.
Can you try to remove the comfort limit and see if that helps?

I changed that but its made no difference at all

Hi @David_Stephens1,

Can you try to use DSP Volume instead of Device Volume under Volume Control type?
Have you tried a different USB cable to connect the Primare?


I had a similar problem with my Primare DAC 30 (ROCK losing USB DAC). Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any assistance from the Roon support team :unamused: Primare didn’t answer my mail either :frowning:

Fortunately, I was able to solve it myself but I can’t post my solution because my ticket was closed automatically although still unsolved. Therefore , I thought I’d inform you what I did in order for you to try yourself. Check your audio settings In the BIOS. I had to make the following changes:

  1. USB Legacy = deactivated (was activated)
  2. XHCI Mode = deactivated (was activated). Google this one! USB 2.0 ist definitely what you want for audio!
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Hi @Bob_Davis,

It looks like your post was made on the #roon:rock section, and this is not a section that Roon support staff frequent, we mostly stay in the #support section, so if you need technical assistance, please post here, more information:

Thanks for letting us know that the Audio changes resolved the issue, I’ve also re-opened your previous thread in case you want to add this info there as well:

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