Nucleus+ USB to Benchmark DAC3B dropouts

powered hub makes no difference.

I haven’t tested without using Roon recently - I plan to do that over the weekend.

Thanks, @Martin_Dooney. Definitely let us know how this testing goes.

Hi there. Dealer sent the following last week:

  1. Can you do same rapid forwarding in iTunes?

  2. Are these tracks CD rips stored on the Mac Mini running JRiver?

  3. Can you confirm that your previous Mac Mini testing was with the DAC3 connected to your Mac Mini via USB with Roon playing via the Mac Mini on your network? I.e. Roon > Network > Mac Mini > USB > DAC3B

Ran some more tests today and replied to dealer as follows:

I don’t use ITunes usually so cleared out all iTunes library and set up a new one with about 40 albums on my mac mini. Created the same new library in JRiver on the same mac and ran into the same problem as before. I then ran the new ITunes set up - without any problems no matter what I threw at it.

So it seems that the problem is not with the dac but may be a more widespread issue with linux based OS’s like Nucleus and Id but having said that it was JRiver’s Mac OS based system which encountered problems today. The other noticeable thing is that the usb connection flickers, and sometimes a lot, as these rapid selections are made. That does not happen when the mac mini is connected directly so it looks as if the other hardware has a ‘less strong’ connection to the dac usb input. I connected the Nucleus back into the network and used its audio device list to select the dac 3b (which was still connected to the mac) and ran the same test on that setup. The flickering occurred but the mac never dropped the connection.

BTW, the new library was comprised of Qobuz tracks of CD quality or better downloaded and stored on the mac mini - dealer asked for the info.

Hi @Martin_Dooney,

Thanks for the followup. So this issue:

  • Doesn’t occur on Mac with iTunes
  • Happens on Mac with Roon
  • Happens on Mac with JRiver
  • Happens on Nucleus with Roon

The next time this occurs please make a note of the time in your local timezone so we can enable further diagnostics.

Does not occur on mac with itunes, jriver or roon - it did just happen using audirvarna.

Does happen on Nucleus
Does happen on Id

Ran tests with the dealer’s assistance today and determined that there is an issue with the usb input. Replacement unit on its way. (BTW, full marks to the folks at Benchmark for patient support throughout)

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Hi @Martin_Dooney,

I’m glad that you were able to determine the issue here! If there’s anything we can help with or if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.