Nucleus v2 Design - Does it have a vent

Can we have more details on the design of the new box?

Is there a ventilator for heat?

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Hi Jacques,
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If you take a look at this thread you’ll get a lot more information on the new version. You’ll see it is a fanless design like the previous version. This design allows for adequate heat dissipation, so the CPU will maintain proper temperature like a design with fans for ventilation. Roon have explained how much care went into making sure heat dissipation was taken care of with a fanless case. Since fans aren’t needed for cooling, it can be placed in the listening room without any sound distractions.

You might not realize it, but vent has two meanings. One has to do with heat loss. The other meaning can be taken as “I am mad and I want to yell at somebody”. The title of your post makes it seem like you are using the second meaning, even though you are clearly asking nicely about ventilation. :slightly_smiling_face: