Nucleus+ VERY slow

its OK…thank you
on Phone with Eero now getting help

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OK switched to the Google servers. Thanks again for the tip. Just changed folder title and saved. It took 20 seconds to save…is this normal or is it longer than it should be?

Awesome! I definitely recommend giving the Nucleus a reboot as well now that that is changed if you haven’t.

Can you elaborate on what exactly you changed? Was this an album title that you manually edited in Roon?

If you’re still seeing some slowness, could you record a video of what you’re doing so we can see roughly how long each step is taking?

Yes I manually changed and saved album title in Roon—will reboot nucleus and see if that speeds things up. will post video if it does not

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VideoProcessing: 20210816_124910.mp4…

took video with my phone but says format not supported…any idea on best way to get you a video.?

tried using MAC desktop video but format rejected

Hi @thomas_clark1

You can upload the video here:

very cool
i uploaded it (i think)
I think you may agree it takes too long to save?
Switching serves seems to have helped some…as it isn’t freezing or crashing but i haven’t spent a lot of time with it since switching to goole servers

Thank you for all your time

Thanks for the video, @thomas_clark1. I agree, that definitely seems to be taking longer than we’d expect. Have you noticed any slowness outside of saving updates?

As for this example, I’ve enabled diagnostics again and I’m going to run it by the QA team for further feedback. I’ll let you know what they say when I have their feedback!

Sometimes if I click on an album it gets stuck trying to load the songs.
Or if I goto artists page and select artist it can take forever to display the albums
Appreciate all your help and time involved

Editing in roon only changes the entries in the roon database. You will loose that information outside of roon. Use a tag editor, then import into roon.

Yes thank you
Have been doing that for past week

But still battling Nucleus issues