"Nucleus Web Administration Interface" Returns a image file with not action tags

Just connected and powered on my brand new Nucleus Rev B. Per the manual, I went to “Nucleus Web Administration Interface” page on the web and got an image page with not action tabs. Nothing to click on the update the operating system, or, indeed, to anything else. Links in blues only go to more images.

My router recognizes the Roon hardware is attached to the LAN.

Please send a link to a page that allows actions.


Michael Davis

Sorry for the trouble, @Michael_Davis!

Can you share a screenshot of what you see on the Nucleus Web UI?

Is there any change if you reboot the Nucleus?

Hi @Michael_Davis

I just wanted to check in on this — Are you still seeing issues here? If so can you share a screenshot? Thanks!

This is coming to the wrong Michael Davis. I have other issues, but not his one.