Nucleus’ Web UI

Does anyone know how to access the Nucleus WebUI WITHOUT GOING THROUGH ROON?

My Roon/Nucleus is shut down and I’m trying to gain access.

Just type it’s IP address into a browser.

Craig, thanks for your reply
I can’t find its IP address
Any ideas?

Hmm. Can you log into your router? It likely can display what clients are connected. That might get you there. Otherwise, only other way I can think of is to get network scanning software (there are computer and mobile options) that can scan your network and report what clients are connected (and their IPs). I didn’t ask before because I expected you had already done this, but did you reboot the Nucleus?

Craig, I was just able to get the IP address by network scanning software.
I am now in the process of getting a fresh database.
Thanks for your help

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You can also normally try http://nucleus.local/ as well from a mac, or just http://nucleus/ from a windows machine.

Danny and Craig, thanks so much for your help. I would like to give you the overall problem that I’m trying to solve and solicit your further help. After working fine for over a year using an ATT router, my nucleus as a core and several endpoints, I suddenly could not open the Roon app to play my music.
Dylan Caudill has given me several suggestions including changing the DNS and inspecting my logs but still no solUtion.
His latest idea is to try with a fresh database and,to that end, I have turned off the room server,renamed the room server folder and turned the room server back on. The final step is to use the Roon remotes and press “use another core” to connect to the new database. However the startup screen for the. Roon app only shows the nucleus as a core and does not give me that option. If you have any suggestions on this technique or any other way to get out of this problem. I would appreciate hearing from you

Do you get an option to deauthorize?

Dylan is the right guy to work with on this but youll still use the nucleus as your core but it will be using a brand new db build. Go ahead and select it and see what happens.

Craig, Thanks for your quick response. I tried to select nucleus as my core by selecting

Craig, thanks for your quick response. I tried to select nucleus as my core by selecting “connect”
when get the CHOOSE YOUR Roon Core window. That requires a log in which I was unable to do. Thus I’m back to the original problem
Apparently Dylan is very busy

PS I should add that when I first opened the above Choose your Roon Core window, I had a choice between the nucleus and my Mac (in my network but not used in roon). If if comes up again can I choose the Mac as my core, transfer the database to it, and then transfer it back to roon?

Slim, I’ve never seen such an option

Hmm. I’m not sure what is the best direction for you to head. I think it’s best if the official Roon support guys help you sort this out. Copying @dylan

One other point. When I enter the Nucleus Web UI the System Status window opens up and permits me to turn the server off and on, as instructed by Dylan. The window also has a
“reset database” option with a warning that it is “destructive” However I do have a usb hard drive connected to roon that has served as a backup and has recently been used to restore the backup.
Should I try the “reset database”