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I haven’t used my system in a while, doing a rebuild. Trying to start back up today-- Nuc+ stuck in constant searching for update. Found the link to “nucleusplus.local” reinstalled the operating system for the latest update twice to no avail. I tried rebooting twice using the same local interface, still constant searching for update. Then turned off the Nuc using the same power/reboot button, now the core cannot be found at all and I can’t get back into the local interface.

Looking at the back of the unit, It is on and receiving data but appears to invisible as far as Roon is concerned. I’ve waited months to be back up and running, never experienced any problems with it before so this is the last thing I expected. What happened?!!

Can you connect it to a monitor or a TV via the HDMI connection and report what you see on the screen (or post a photo of the screen)?

Thanks for the quick reply, I actually got it:

After several attempts I was able to get it working on my PC, which unfortunately is at the other end of the house. However, that told me it wasn’t the Nuc itself. Back to the iPad and now I could bring up the local interface again. Reinstalled OS once more and this time Roon stated that I both needed an update and that I had the latest update. So I just deleted Roon entirely and re-downed it and everything synced up. I’m back in!

Thanks again

Make sure all your devices are on Roon 2.0 or Roon 1.8 Legacy. You can’t mix and match.

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