Nucleus will not boot if samsung 1 TB drive not connected

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus + rev B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ethernet to BT smart hub 2

Connected Audio Devices

hard wired to Rossini DAC via ethernet cable

Number of Tracks in Library

1000+ albums

Description of Issue

I wanted to change from 1TB to 4 but system will not boot without original disk and no output from hdmi to monitor . I fitted a replacement 128GB ssd card some years back.

somehow the boot software is on the 1TB drive. is there an easy fix? Thanks

I suspect (but you may want to wait until someone from the Support team responds) that you are going to have to go through installing ROCK on the m.2 SSD and then asking @support to upgrade the ROCK version of Roon OS to the Nucleus version.
Before you install ROCK, remove the 2.5"drive, and start from step 3 in the installation guide.

Many thanks for advice

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