Nucleus Will Not Restore Backup Library

Just bought a new Nucleus Plus for a 2nd home. I backed up my library on an SD card formatted in ExFat, and inserted a SD card reader in a USB port on the Nucleus. The Nucleus has the latest software. But as you can see from the following screenshots I can’t get it to recognize by backup.

If I clock on various sub folders I get the same “No Backup Found”

Suggestions welcomed.

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Don’t drill down, instead click “Select this folder” on the first screen…

I think the point is that the “Select this folder” button is greyed out, instead of showing in purple - so it can’t be selected… Support needs to chime in on this one, I think.

You’re exactly right, the Select This Folder button will not light up.
I even transferred my backup file to an external disk drive, and I get the same result.
Very frustrating.

If helpful this file was embedded in my backups

Last login: Sun Dec 12 12:51:43 on console

david@2017-MacBook-Pro ~ % /Volumes/SAR8TBSSD/------Backup/RoonBackups/bf555468-2c6c-dd91-8061-46ad1616f185/roon_backup ; exit;

/Volumes/SAR8TBSSD/------Backup/RoonBackups/bf555468-2c6c-dd91-8061-46ad1616f185/roon_backup: line 1: ROON: command not found

Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


Hey @DavidYNY,

Thanks so much for sharing this. We’re so sorry to hear about the trouble.

If you enter the SD card in a computer and navigate to the Roon backup folder, is it populated?
Also, if you copy the backup on a USB drive and connect that to the Nucleus, does it recognize it?

Yes, I’ve copied my original Backup file from my SD card onto my MacBook Pro, and confirmed the Backup file contains 9.5GB of data and over 45K items I transferred the Backup file onto an external solid state drive, and get the same results. Lastly I used my PC as Roon core and tried Backing up with the same results.
I’ve successfully used this procedure in the past. And it’s not practical for me to perform another backup of the Nucleus at my 1st home.

Hi @DavidYNY ,

Can you try to share the Backup folder residing on the MacBook Pro via the network and restore it that way?

Or from the Windows PC?

Let us know if that helps!

I tried that as well, but got exactly the same result; the Select this folder button does not light up

Hi @DavidYNY ,

If you scroll to the bottom of this bf... folder listing, do you see a _roon_backup_ file?

Yes, see screenshot

Still hoping that someone at Roon can solve my problem.

Did you backup your library of music or your Roon database. Those are two entirely different things.

Roon database.

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I see this on mine…

When I click on purple “Select this folder” at the bottom, I see this…

What happens with you click “Select this folder”?

Hi @DavidYNY ,

Thanks for confirming you are able to locate that file, this is strange behavior in that case. Do you by any chance have a PC around the house and can install Roon on it and set it as the Core? If you try to restore this backup to a PC Core, does that work as expected?

I have tried using a 2015 MacBook Pro running Big Sur os. But I keep getting this response

Fortunately I had used my MacBook Pro as a Roon core about 9 months ago. So I was able to salvage the database from that core and install it on my new Nucleus. About 90% of my 2,000 album library looks ok. The other 10% will take a while to reconstruct the meta data. Interestingly a number of albums have tracks spread across 2 or more different entries in Roon, so I have to use the edit feature to merge them back together. Even though each album is in separate folders with identifying titles and album art.

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