Nucleus with Esoteric D1: DSD playback problem

We have a case that Esoteric D1 cannot play dsd file that was send from Nucleus.

When we set the dsd playback to native, The display of D1 has shown dsd already. But, it has no sound.

When we set dsd playback to DoP, the display show 176.4kHz. and has no sound.

Is there anything should we look for more?

Likely a case of no linux driver support. How does your setup look like? Do you attach the Esoteric directly to the Nucleus? Let’s see what @support has to say on this.

Yes, it directly connect from nucleus to D1 via USB cable.

Esoteric only offers drivers for Windows and macOS to support native dsd. It looks like in this case the manufacturer doesn’t support linux, the operating system on which nucleus runs.

Lumin U1 (MINI) has dedicated support for native DSD operation in latest Esoteric products (K1, N-01, K-01Xs, etc.) with USB DAC input, as well as DoP in older Esoteric products (e.g. K-03X).

@Eraz there is a 2014 update here for D1. You need this update if you’re using an earlier firmware than that:

Thank you Peter, I will looking on that.

Hi all,
The problem is not solve yet. I also have an additional information that this one is Esoteric K-01x. Do I still need update Firmware?

K-01X (2014) is a newer product than Grandioso D1 (2013). I don’t see a USB firmware upgrade meant for user installation for K-01X (or any newer product), unlike Grandioso D1.

Grandioso D1 is a dual mono DAC, i.e. you must have a pair of it. It has no SACD/CD transport built-in.

K-01X is a SACD player, you’ll see a SACD/CD slot in front.

I still stand by my initial post. I don’t see any linux drivers for native dsd support on their website. So either the linux kernel has them built-in or not at all. In the latter case, I don’t see how it will ever work, regardless of the firmware for the DAC

Thanks for all input. We finally solve the problems now.
To be summarize, the issue is the clock of K1X seem cannot sync with roon. If you open the clock before roon control K1X, it will keep skipping track. When we do shut down that clock abd operate it again, now they sync together and work perfectly fine.
Thanks for all input

Which model of clock are you using? Try 10MHz.

I got report that it belong to Esoteric itself. Cannot remember the model though.