Nucleus with HQP

As owner of Nucleus I do not see any benefit of HQP if I need to add separate computer to utilise it thru computer USB output.

My question is at this time can it be more simplified within relation Nucleus/HQPlayer?

Hi @Vule,

The Nucleus is dedicated to running just Roon.

HQP would have to be run on a different machine.

However, the two would communicate via the network not USB.

I agree on that one, but still guess I’ll need to play my music thru the computer USB port where HQP is being installed. Am I wrong?

No, I don’t think you are wrong. Carl is talking about installing HQP on a separate computer. In that case your Nucleus would communicate with that computer over the network and your DAC would either be attached to a USB port on the computer running HQP or on a network device running the HQP Network Audio Adaptor (NAA).

The only way to avoid USB is to have a sound card fitted on your HQP end point, be that the main machine or NAA.

Nucleus not only cant run HQP it also cant run NAA service so you would need an NAA capable endpoint setup or use the HQP machine for that (assuming that works)

Thanks All for sharing infos. Got it.

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