Nucleus with iTunes library

Ready to order my Nucleus and I have 2 questions.

  • Can a Samsung 2TB 2.5" Evo 860 SSD be used?
  • If I put my whole iTunes library on the internal SSD os the Nucleus, can I still access my library with iTunes from my Mac? So I mean, will my Mac see it as a network drive or NAS?

Hey @Luna,

For internal storage in Nucleus, the drive must be a 2.5" HDD or SSD with a drive height of 7mm or 9mm. The Samsung SSD you mentioned is 7mm in height, so that will work for you.

Yes, Nucleus internal storage can be accessed over the network so you can access the files located there from iTunes on another machine.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi Dylan,

Thanks a lot, I ordered the EVO and am calling the local dealer here in Belgium tomorrow for the Nucleus. I’m surprised I found one here and not that far away either. They don’t sell via internet however.

I don’t think I can order the Nucleus stright from Roon?

How do I have to format the drive, NTFS? I suppose that will be in the manual? Didn’t really find a full manual on your site.

I’m going with the Nucleus instead of the + version as it’s only to connect one DAC to it for one zone. I don’t think I will miss much?

Hey @Luna,

Correct, you will need to purchase Nucleus through a dealer.

For more information on Nucleus you can check out our online manual. We have information about formatting the drive here.


All setup and working fine with my iTunes Library moved to the Nucleus SSD from both Roon and iTunes. Great!

I wonder if it’s possible to connect two DACs simultaneusly via USB to the Nucleus or if that will give conflicts?

Glad to hear that, @Luna!

Nucleus has two USB ports which can both be used for connecting DACs. Both DACs connected can be used by Roon.

Great, thank you!

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