Nucleus with lifetime subscription offer [Mod Edit: it's for one year]

Have learned Nucleus price increase on Oct which includes deal for lifetime subscription. Overall, Appears to be a small discount. I am in the first month. I am thinking of canceling.

Any other deals available for Nucleus and or subscription?

I’m not aware of a deal for a lifetime subscription.

Roon doesn’t want to sell more lifetime subscriptions…so a deal with Nucleus purchases makes no sense.

It’s more likely that Roon eliminates the lifetime option in October…

Its: * 1 year Roon subscription included

I know they’ve expressed their opinions when they raised the price, but any evidence of them removing it in October? Or were you just pointing out it doesn’t jive with what they’ve said in the past?

I think the OP is referring to Moon Audio. I got their e-mail today offering that Nucleus deal.

Read what I wrote. It’s actually quite clear. “It’s more likely” means I am speculating…I am speculating that, based on Roon’s previous statements, Roon is more likely to eliminate lifetime subscriptions than offering a Nucleus with a discounted lifetime subscription.

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Roon’s contract with companies like Moon Audio allowing them to offer lifetime subscriptions with their hardware is the only reason lifetime subscriptions still exist.

They are bundling in a year, not a lifetime.

We are actually debating killing the lifetime before the end of the year, or we may have another price increase. It’s hard to give up “junk food”


Now I think that makes sense on Roon’s behalf from a business point of view. Why not include a yearly ‘free’ subscription with the purchase of a Nucleus. Roon looses nothing from a user who would not have been a subscriber otherwise, enticed into the ecosystem, along with the purchase of a Nucleus.

Now that a Nucleus is purchased I would assume that after the free year there is a very strong likelihood that user will renew and likely years beyond. Not to mention there is some profit on sales of Nuclei.

Good job Roon. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

The one thing I would like to add is that those so-called deals should not be country specific. As the price of Roon doesn’t change per country, so too should their special deals be universal.

I’ve always thought that lifetime makes a certain amount of sense for Roon Nucleus/Nucleus+ owners, but not really for the rest of us. I’m quite happy to pay $10/month to support Roon’s operations and evolution.

Just out of curiosity, why do you think this?

Well, Nucleus+ is a closed system. It becomes a $2.5k doorstop without a Roon subscription. Sure, one could tear it apart and install some other O/S if they decided that Roon was not for them, but that other O/S would lack the thermal management that the customized Roon OS includes to support optimal operation in the fanless chassis. There are many vastly more performant computers available for less than half that price. Better to think of Nucleus, permanently, as a “Roon Appliance”

Nucleus represents a long-term investment specifically into the Roon ecosystem, so a lifetime subscription seems to make sense for Nucleus owners, as they are quite reasonably in it for the long haul. If I were to buy a Nucleus today, I’d seriously consider buying a lifetime subscription (if still available) at the same time. In the unlikely event that Roon Labs decides to continue the lifetime option, IMHO, it should be reserved exclusively for Nucleus owners. :wink:

As much as I love Roon, I was not using it six years ago, and I’ll be surprised if I’m still using it five years from now. I do hope so, but things move fast in the digital and streaming world, so I’m not prepared to make a long-term commitment to a single technology like Roon. However, I am quite happy to send Roon Labs my $119.88 each year that they continue to deliver excellent value. So far, they have done so without fail.

I think you’ve missed something that is on the Roon Labs Nucleus page

Hi Geoff,

I’ve not actually missed anything & actually backs up what I was saying that these offers are not universal - for reasons unknown. And I believe that as the cost is a one size fits all regardless of location; so too should the offers!

I don’t know where you have copied that text from, but the pricing seems all at odds with what Roon Labs do.

As far as I know, this one-year free subscription to Roon with the purchase of a Nucleus/Nucleus+ should be universal now. I believe that it was introduced with the launch of the new Roon Labs website. @danny, @mike - what is the situation, please?

That’s what I see at the first two stores that sell the Nucleus out here - no mention of any form of an extended trial.

And “out here” is where?

Sorry Geoff - as per my profile page - Australia. Notwithstanding, I thought you knew, as I do that you live somewhere in The Netherlands.


@Nostro, can you share where you saw that text you pasted above?