Nucleus with lifetime subscription offer [Mod Edit: it's for one year]

Krispy is posting bad information… they can’t sell you those licenses at those prices, especially in Australian dollars! My guess is those are Australian Dollar prices for our old license pricing, and they haven’t updated their site in a long time.

I’ve let our sales team know to contact our Australian distributor to let them know about Krispy so they can get that fixed up.

The 1-year subscription that’s included is pretty new… these dealers in Australia have old webpages – especially Krispy, who has license pricing from pre-November 2019! If a user was to buy from them, they’d be sorely disappointed.

60! wow, these guys haven’t updated their site in ages…

here is the list:

We do not discriminate… we don’t sell to dealers outside the United States. We sell to distributors in those countries, and they have a relationship with the dealers. Older Nucleus shipments came without licenses. New ones do. There is a way for a distributor to upgrade the package, but given that this is a new offering, it takes time to get uniformity across the world.

Thanks @danny, I can appreciate it must be awkward dealing with distributors from all over the world.

The list of Roon partners was neither here nor there, more so the wording about new ones being added daily. We all know that couldn’t be possible. That doesn’t give a good impression.

My only interest in this thread was whether such offers were universal & you have answered that now.


Hey Geoff - does this all make sense to you now? Seems most retailers out here have not updated their web pages and perhaps the local distributor has not told them either of any current offer.

I trust this is clearer for you now. Thanks.

From reading the tales in the forum, it always was clear to me that many hifi dealers are not on the ball. I often wonder how they manage to survive.

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I agree with you Geoff. :smiley:

However, I have no idea what information was supplied from Roon to the distributors out here & where the onus lays for retailers promoting falsely - be that old information or simply untruths.

I know the bulk of the stores in various States out here selling the Nucleus, alas I do not know (other than seeing the occasional name on a web search) Krispy Audio as per above with the information disaplyed long out of date.

Krispy fixed the pricing but the product hardware specs they posted are still incorrect :exploding_head:

As one-year’s subscription is included with the purchase of the Nucleus or Nucleus Plus, would new buyers receive either advance notification that the lifetime subscription will be removed or that the price shall increase?

It seems pointless that the 1 year’s subscription is even offered, if a month or two into the 12 month subscription, I’d have to purchase the lifetime asap before it goes away or price increases.

The one-year subscription is a bonus with the purchase of a Nucleus. Any purchases beyond that is up to the individual consumer.

A lifetime subscription (whilst it’s still available?) is discretionary, not mandatory.

Why ‘Look a gift-horse in the mouth’?

No doubt, it’s discretionary. Wasn’t born yesterday.

I have the intention to subscribe to the lifetime plan. So that free one year is really pointless. Why not give the equivalent of one-year as a credit towards the lifetime purchase then?? In Canada, we have to pay in USD so that exchange rate hit does sting.

In the UK, we too pay for Roon subscription in US$.

Exchange rate variations will always have an impact.

You did say you weren’t ‘born yesterday’, didn’t you…? :thinking:

Clarify… free one year likely won’t get fully utilized. Do your own math

Not all subscribers who start-off with a yearly subscription want to go lifetime. It’s a choice.

Like anything in life, really. If the Nucleus, with a free year’s subscription doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t buy it. However, I think for the vast majority of Nucleus buyers, it will be seen as a nice bonus.

Initial startup is high. Any chance to stabilize is the better option such as lifetime.

Yes, it is. And Roon is a premium product, that is a joy to use and is expensive to develop and improve. This needs funding, and paying-for. Simple economics.

And your point is…?

Is this a private argument, or can anyone join in? :joy:

A „special offer“ is designed to look attractive with minimum impact! If it’s not even applicable (or valid) for an individual, all the better :wink:

But as it is, you have one year to decide if you want to spring for lifetime. Most people only have a few weeks to decide, so from that perspective, it’s not a worthless offer at all.

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No. It entitles new buyer to nothing. Old and new buyers together would be notified or not notified all the same. Those who bought Nucleus that include a year of Roon would not be treated any differently.

Most users never go for the lifetime license, and even fewer since we raised the price of the lifetime.

Annuals are not “rent to own”. They never have been. We used to refund unused months of your annuals at the price you paid / 12 * number of unused months, but we haven’t done that in years.

If you want a lifetime license, the price is what it is today. I can assure you it will go up someday, maybe without notice. We already raised that price a couple of years ago, without notice, and we may do it again. We are giving you no assurances about future pricing. I wrote at length about our feelings on lifetimes here:

I never understood this line of thinking… Since when is the Canadian Dollar the same as the US Dollar? The exchange rate is the value difference. I don’t want CAD. I don’t pay all my bills in CAD. Even when I do pay in CAD, I pay more CAD than I would USD.

If a person were to buy a coffee for X CAD, then that person would use less USD to buy a comparable coffee, and even fewer to buy it with EUR. UK must be getting a great deal because the comparable coffee costs the fewest GBP!

The person isn’t getting stung any more or less. The currency just doesn’t have the same value, thus the exchange rate.

So, why do we include the year for free? For Nucleus customers that are new to Roon, it reduces friction at the start of the relationship. The margin from the Nucleus covers our costs, and it’s just a thing to make the experience smoother for a large subset of Nucleus buyers. We find most people who have lifetime usually end up gifting the free annual to someone they think would love Roon, which is another way to inject joy into your own life as well as someone else’s.