Nucleus with Technics SL-G700?

New to Roon but have been considering a server for the multitude of ripped files currently siting on a couple of drives in my PC and those CD’s yet to be ripped.

I was considering a Nucleus and connecting to my DAC/streamer - a Technics SL-G700 via USB. The reason I ask the question as to whether it would work is that the USB connectors on the Technics are both USB A and I have used them for thumb drives. But I’ve always seen USB A to USB B connections for this and wasn’t sure if USB A to USB A would work which would be the connection from the Nucleus to the Technics. Or maybe that doesn’t make any difference?

I guess the alternative is to connect through the LAN? Or something like the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 USB Interface to go SPDIF which, for cost reasons, I’d like to avoid?

Any advice or insight on this?

Looking at the manual the usb is just for adding files to play not connecting to devices.
To get you started though it has Chromecast and airplay both of which roon will stream to.
TBH I’d start with consolidating your music on to one disc, use your current PC, play with Roon for a few weeks and then decide what hardware you might need.

DO NOT connect USB-A to USB-A it won’t work.

Yep, that connection was not meant to be. Will consider better alternatives for bringing everything together. Thanks for the responses