Nucleus+ with USB on Yamaha AVR (3070)

is it possible to connect my nucleus+ with usb to my Yamaha AVR (3070)?
I have tried it, but nothing happend.
I know, that I can do that with HDMI and it works, but only with converting DSD to PCM.

The Yamaha does not have the appropriate USB digital input for streaming Audio.

Thanks Rugby for the clear Information.


I also use a Yamaha AVR. I have 5.1 files I play through the HDMI out of my Nucleus to the HDMI input of the Yamaha. Works great.

To play 2.0 files, you will need to connect your Nucleus+ to a DAC, then from the DAC to your AVR. I use a Schiit Gungnir Multi-Bit with the new Unison USB upgrade. There are many DACs at many price points that will work.

Er, no, this is not necessary - Roon will send 2.0 audio over HDMI to the AVR…

Hi Mike,
Multichannel flac-files and also DSD plays very well with HDMI and my nucleus+.
I search for a way that DSD-files will not converted to PCM via roon.
I know the 38se, but it’s a little bit expensiv togehter with the sigma streamer.

Necessary? No. Of course 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.1 will all play successfully through HDMI.

But for 2.0, better SQ is almost always achieved using a quality separate DAC.

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