Nucleus without storage?

Wondering if this will be an option at some point? I intend to continue using my Synology NAS so don’t want to waste $ on storage in a NUC/Nucleus.

You don’t have to have any storage in NUC or Nucleus beyond the small SSD needed for the OS. You only fit additional storage if you want it. I was using NAS with ROCK NUC but then I fitted an additional internal SSD for my music Storage.

Understood, but I don’t see a Nucleus configuration without storage so was wondering if that will be an option as well as Nucleus and +. Sort of a Nucleus (-) :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise the + came with an additional drive. I thought it was just a better processor and RAM.

Looks like I misread the website product description. Where it says “holds 120,000 tracks” I assumed the unit came with an installed drive beyond the SSD for the OS, but maybe not, which is basically what I was looking for.

I’d delete this thread on the grounds of my stupidity :slight_smile: but I don’t see how!