Nucleus won"t upload just keeps spiining and never completes

Been following the drag and drop instructions and worked pretty well until today - Tried to upload an album with 17 tracks … checked in a bit later and the 17 tracks showed as 297 of 405 … waited and the numbers kept growing and never stopped - Stopped the app and tried the same album and same thing … tried a different album … same thing … have less than 1,000 tracks so I shouldn’t be near capacity …any ideas what is going on with the upload process?

Reboot the core

If that fails , reboot everything from Network forward , it looks like a connection error to the Roon cloud service

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Thanks Mike … worked for 3 albums and then back to endless spinning - Tried every combination … turned off the Nucleus power … unplugged the Nucleus and waited 15 minutes … turned off my laptop … even swapped out all the cable connections … anything else to try?

Can you give some more details on your setup and network? What machine are the source files on for example?

Synology DS216 NAS … Quantum Fiber Home Pass (Ping Test 512 mps upload / 238 mps download) … HP Envy Laptop … Roon Nucleus with Samsung SSD 870EVO internal storage---- Wireworld USB cables

Using drag and drop file uploading

Maybe this will be easier to understand

Files are stored on a Synology DS216 NAS … My router is Quantum Fiber Home Pass (Ping Test 512 mps upload / 238 mps download) and everything is hardwired - Cables are WireWorld - I run the remote on an HP Envy Laptop … I use a Roon Nucleus with Samsung SSD 870EVO internal storage

For transferring files from the NAS to the Nucleus I use the HP Laptop and drag and drop - Worked for the first 9500 files before I entered the “eternal spinning didc icon” world

Plugged and unpluged everything in the signal chain … restarted everything in the signal chain … replaced the interconnect cables … no change …did hook up a hard drive to the Roon LAN connection and files transferred form my lap top fine …out of ideas

Well it’s been a day without a solution … tried it again and still spins infinitely - The Nucleus will play tracks I’ve already loaded to the ssd … just won’t accept any new tracks

Well two days of down time without a solution … sent an email to ROON corporate for help and no response …

Luckily the BestBuy techs were here to install a cable chase in the bedroom and solved the SOFTWARE problem in 2 minutes … back up and loading files thanks to BestBuy

So what did they do?

There was impending updates for Windows and Mozilla (I schedule updates once a week on Saturday at 3:00am) that was conflicting with ROON - He had me do a manual update and everything straightened out - The upload speeds and metadata accuracy were substantially improved … guess the slow upload and meta glitches I thought were normal for ROON were caused by delaying the update - Huge difference and something to keep an eye out for in the future now that I see standard performance levels

Anyway over 10,000 tracks !!!

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