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Nucleus wont boot up.

I have attached a monitor, keyboard and mouse rebooted and now I’m getting bootable device has not been detected.

Then there is a setup and boot list which goes away to fast to click on. Any advice would be helpful. Connected to my router before the trouble.

Thanks for help in advance

It certainly seems like your Nucleus may have died.
Or one of the internal drives has become loose in it’s socket preventing it booting up.
Certainly would explain this.

@support but they don’t generally work over the weekend so it will be next week before anyone likely responds.

That’s what I figured it’s about a month old so I guess I’ll make arrangements to send it back. Before hand I was using a Mac mini as my core guess I’ll go back to it for now will need to transfer my license back to the mini.
Thanks for your help

That’s probably a good plan for now, the Mac Mini should get you back to normal audio devices again.

Hi @Jeffrey_Sanders ,

This error indicates an issue with the Operating System SSD, unfortunately. I will follow up via private message to gather purchase details and then we can escalate your case over to the RMA department, thanks!

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