Nucleus won't find my music

I have a brand new Nucleus RevB and installed a 1TB SSD. I have my music files on a USB HDD attached to the Nucleus. I have the same files on a Windows 10 PC with ethernet connection. The PC has a Roon Control app on it and it won’t see the local files. I have a Apple Ipad 10.1 that is new and working with the Nucleus. Qobuz is showing up and playing just fine. I can not get the share feature to work. Why is there not a feature that will allow you to search through and see a file structure or network structure in Nucleus. I’m using all the written instructions but nothing will work. I’ve tried the ip addresses and the Named paths and Roon tries but fails every time.

I’ve moved your post into the Nucleus Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

In the meantime, perhaps you could clarify what you are trying to do. You say that you have your music files on a USB HDD attached to the Nucleus, and you have the same files on a Windows 10 PC.

Are you trying to set your Nucleus Watched Folder to be a folder on the attached HDD, or a (network) shared folder on the Windows 10 PC? - you write of trying IP addresses and Named Paths, but this is only relevant for network shared folders (e.g. on the Windows 10 PC), not for the locally-attached HDD on the Nucleus.

I would like the Windows 10 PC to be the watched files in the Music folder on my C: drive. I can rip from the disc drive and download from HD Tracks from there. The HDD is attached only to try to make something happen, which it isn’t. I would copy and paste if I could get my files on the internal SSD but I can’t. I plan to take the USB HDD off the Nucleus. It’s only for backup. Thanks for the help.

OK, but why make the Music folder on your Windows PC a watched folder, when I would have thought that using the 1TB SSD that you have installed in the Nucleus would be the logical choice? If you are having difficulty in copying and pasting to this 1TB SSD, then that (I would have thought) would be the first thing to tackle.

If you’ve formatted the 1TB SSD using the Web Administration Page of the Nucleus, then it should be showing up as the default Music Folder in Roon’s Settings/Storage page

Then, enter the network path for this folder into your Windows File Explorer: (not your web browser)


Is Windows File Explorer not able to access this folder?


Hi Geoff, Thank you for the info. I went to the File Explorer and followed the troubleshooting info to get the file path to put into file share. It didn’t work. Putting the \NUCLEUS… in did the trick. I am pasting my files to the internal SSD as I type. Thanks again, this has solved my problem.


Hello @John_Kaster, glad you got some help here! Please let us know if you have any further questions, we’re happy to help!

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