Nucleus+ Wont Update - Same as last week


Had the issue last week with 2 Nucleus that wouldnt update, just stuck in the checking for update >> failed >> retry loop. This is got sorted with whatever change you made on thursday/friday.

However, now seeing exactly the same issue with a new Nucleus+ that were trying to install for a client.

Can you have a look and fix please!

Also, downloaded the latest version of Roon Windows from the website, when running the software it says its upto date but then starts doing an update and after the “relanch” it crashes every time it loads. I have to re-install the version from the website and keep quiting the Roon app before it does the update!

Can you login and tell me serial # and email of account you logged in with?

Serial #54B2038C10F4

Cant get as far as logging in with an account yet.

Any update?

We’re onsite and handing the system over to the client today…

do you know how to get logs over the network share?

This problem is not server side… no errors over there… its something to do with your box… I need those logs.

@Chazman, we have some instructions for getting logs here:

Once you have them, you can upload them here.

@danny @dylan

Uploaded, Thanks.

Thanks for sending that over, @Chazman.

Looking at the logs, I’m seeing DNS errors when the Nucleus is trying to communicate with our servers.

Can you describe the network setup? What DNS is being used?

Can you try something like Google DNS and let us know if that helps?


I’ll check the DNS. Expect it’s just the providers default.

Everything else can access the internet…

@danny @dylan

Yep, DNS issue on our end. Changed to google DNS and is now updating.
Any reason why the Roon won’t work with certain DNS?

Glad to hear that worked, @Chazman.

What DNS was being used? Most DNS options will work but we’ve recently found that Comcast DNS specifically has some issues with Linux devices, so when problems like this come up we tend to recommend trying something other than ISP provided DNS options.

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