Nucleus + won't work

I am using my Nucleus + in a review, and it has stopped working. Last night, it streamed music from Tidal and Qobuz just fine, but when I tried to play files from a USB stick, it recognized it but would not play. After I turned the Nucleus + off and rebooted, it stopped working entirely. The light goes on, but I hear nothing. I even left it unplugged overnight so it could discharge, and rebooted the router before trying to plug the Nucleus + back in and starting it. I also deleted Roon Remote from my iPad and downloaded it again. Roon Remote can no longer find it.

I am using the Nucleus+ in a new configuration. Ethernet travels from my router in the hallway through a TP-Link / SGC Optical Module connected by optical, and then back into ethernet into the Nucleus +. I have a USB stick inserted into one USB port, and a USB cable into the other which is connected to the dCS Rossini. It worked fine until last night.

I am on deadline and need help now.

Have you rebooted after removing the USB key?

Yes, did that.

Try disconnecting all usb connections, disconnect the power from the NUC then reconnect and power it up, after powering on make sure the lan leds orange and green are lit, green will probably be flashing, if they are reconnect the usb device.

Thank you, Ratbert and Ged. Sorry for delays in responding. I’m typing on my desktop, and the system is in a detached music room one flight down and one building away.

Although I assure you that I disconnected and reconnected everything multiple times - I did everything short of a handstand on the head of a pin - and did not initiate this thread before doing so and trying everything I could think of, disconnecting and reconnecting the ethernet cable yet one more time seems to have done the trick. I’m afraid the problem is with the connectors on those cables. Which is not fun for someone who must constantly disconnect and reconnect in the course of a review. In the past two years, I have found shortcomings in terminations and connectors from multiple cable companies.

Thank you all for your indulgence. I’d say, here’s to a hassle-free New Year, but I think a more realistic affirmation is in order. Here’s to good health for all and an abundance of joy.

Try keeping an office campus going with hundreds of ethernet tabs being broken off, seemingly daily…
Hope you make the deadline.

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OMG. I hope you don’t keep a loaded gun on the premises. Forced reincarnation is not the best solution.

Happy New Year.

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