Nucleus working with Mytek Brooklyn Dac+ MQA not showing

Hi, I just added a Mytek Dac + to my system, I hooked up my Roon Nucleus to the Mytek via usb. No issue other than the Mytek is not showing MQA from Tidal. Both the Nucleus and the Mytek have MQA enabled. Any ideas what I need to do to get the Mytek to see recognize the MQA files from the Nucleus?


Dave B.

If you post a pic of your Signal Path, it will give us a starting point.

Hi @David_Benson,

As Daniel suggested, a screenshot of the Signal Path as well as Device Setup would be a great starting place for understanding what you’re experiencing here.

Here are the settings for Roon on my Nucleus. Why am I noy=t getting MQA on the Mytek Dac+? Thanks

This is the Nucleus set for MQA. Can anyone tell me why based on my Nucleus Roon settings and these Mytek settings I am not getting MQA files?



Hi @David_Benson,

The screenshot above is of Nucleus HDMI output. Is that how you’re connected to the Mytek? Are you able to connect via USB?

Hi, I am using an Audioquest USB Coffee cable. The Mytek does receive the signal, should the Nucleus say USB output, and if so how do I change to USB.

Thank you,

David Benson

Hi @David_Benson,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio so I can see all of the devices showing here?

Why does this show the Nucleus having an HDMI output hwn I am using a USB cable to connect to the Mytek? Thank you.

Hi @David_Benson,

The screenshots above are for Device Setup for the HDMI zone. Can you share screenshots of just Settings > Audio without selecting a specific device?

HDMI Output will always appear here, but you should see other devices show up in Settings > Audio if you have a USB device connected.

Here is the screenshot of just the audio screen.

Hi everyone, finally got everything working properly including Tidal MQA with the assistance of Roon directly. They were a great help! . Also want to thank those here who offered their advice and assistance as well!

For MQA, the issue was in the signal path. Changed Audio Zone Volume from DSP to Device Volume, and changed MQA decoder from Decoder and Renderer to just Renderer. That did the trick, now getting full MQA decoding.

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