NucleusPlus lost USB connection with build 159


So I updated my NucleusPlus to the latest RoonOS build today and it seems to have disappeared the USB connection that I’ve been using to play music most of the time.

It’s connected to a Lyngdorf MP-50 via both HDMI and USB, and I can still use the HDMI connection. But I can’t figure out why the USB connection disappeared. I’ve tried resetting cables, switching USB ports on the NucluesPlus box and multiple restarts of everything. Any ideas?

As an aside, I thought that NucleusPlus would update itself, or at least notify me that there was an update available. But that doesn’t appear to be the case? I had to to a manual reinstall to get the latest version of RoonOS (which in turn appears to have caused my dropped USB connection).



Hi @David_Roberts,

Do other USB devices appear or is it just the Lyngdorf device that doesn’t show?

Are you able to use the Lyngdorf via USB with other devices currently?

Lots of new data, but it essentially seems to reduce down to the latest build NOT recognizing the Corning Fiber Optic USB cable I’ve been using for weeks with it.

Using a regular/cheap cable:

  • Nucleus->Lyngdorf (with with extension cable due to distance) plays fine
  • Nucleus->AudioEngine speakers plays fine

Using the Corning Fiber Optic cable:

  • Windows PC->Lyngdorf plays fine (so presumably the cable still works)
  • Nucleus->AudioEngine does NOT find the device
  • Nucleus->Lyngdorf does NOT find device

Here are the specs for the Corning cable:

If I were guessing, I’d bet it has something to do with how power consumption by USB devices is handled by Nucleus. The fiber cable needs some power, but doesn’t transmit the full charging power of a USB cable (I.e. you can’t charge your phone with it). This all appears to have broken with build 159, since I was using that cable and the Lyngdorf just before I did the upgrade. (It’s possible that a firmware upgrade for the Lyngdorf had a hand in it, since I did that the same day…but I think it played fine via USB after that upgrade, plus I can’t get Nucleus to recognize the AudioEngine speakers via the Corning cable either).

Thanks for the details here, @David_Roberts!

I’m going to bring your report to my meeting with the technical team so I can get their feedback on the above. I’ll be sure to update you once we’ve had our meeting.