Nuclueus - where to buy

I am looking at a few options and Nucleus could be one of them.
I have a one room set up and only have about 2000 albums , and now I listen mostly to Tidal.
I would need a HD in the Nucleus and in the UK cant seem to find many outlets that offer the product.
I read in a review somewhere it can be bought direct from Roon, would they install the HD for me as I am not good with PCs etc,
Any help appreciated

Fitting a hard drive to a NUC is just a case of taking the lid off the NUC and sliding the disk into the existing cradle and then attaching the screws to hold it there, a 5 minute job at most, there is no configuration required, see this disk install video.
If you want to buy one on the Roon Nucleus or Nucleus+ they can be found here. if you plan on having it in your hifi rack or near where you listen the the Nucleus has the advantage of being totally silent, if you plan on having it outside your listening room then the NUC would be fine, there is a substantial cost difference to be considered, I just built a NUC7i5bnh with 16gb of memory and a 250gb SSD for ÂŁ515, all components from Amazon and a total build time from bits to Roon running of less than one hour.


I’d imagine Strictly Stereo or Putite Audio would be good bets for this. If you contact them both Lee and Keith are responsive to emails and seem to be good guys to deal with.


Thanks for the posts guys. I have read a bit about the Nucleus and with my set up the entry model would suffice, but what would I gain if I got the Plus model. Would it be more future proof or is it only really needed for large collections and multi room?

If you plan to do upsampling to DSD and or dsp eq etc then the i7 May be preferable.

It’s distributed in the UK by Henley Audio, who have a dealer locator on their website here

I have previously used a NUC, just replaced it with a Nucleus. (The NUC worked fine, I am just interested in how the Nucleus simplifies things, as an industry geek.)

I have under 2,000 albums, plus Tidal. I chose the regular Nucleus, didn’t think I would need the N+, and minimal is always good. On a different thread we have a discussion of the power characteristics of different boxes, and I found that it comfortably handles upsampling to 192k and DSD64, including very ambitious DSP convolution for room correction, and even did DSD128 with convolution.

I do not play multiple rooms, but the margin was such that everything short of DSD128 would work.

So the base Nucleus is fine.

I did put in a 2 TB SSD instead of a regular disk. Quiet. This way, there are no moving mechanical parts in the box, no fan and no drives. This as close as we can get to the proverbial “block of silicon”.

Thanks for the post, i will try and find the threads.i think i will go for the Nucleus Plus as I have the Melco to trade in so can afford to go to that extra step i guess.

Ah I see my good friends in Signals are listed

I can thoroughly recommend Alastair and Andy in Signals. You won’t go wrong with them.


Where is the Nucleus sold in the USA?


We can help you at Definition AV, Santa Monica, CA
310 829 9888

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