NUC's built-in WiFi on ROCK not working [resolved w/ 1.0.73]

Not disabled on my end. I have a NUC7i5 running ROCK with no Ethernet connection, just Wi-Fi connection temporarily until I relocate some networking hardware from one room to another. I used the web admin UI to configure ROCK to access my 802.11ac network. Running very smoothly.


sigh my f-up – glad its working, 1.0!

Any guidance on how to set this up? @WiWavelength mentioned using the web admin, but my page only shows the ethernet connection as an option.

what NUC are you using?

I’m using 6i5syh

do you have WLAN turned on in your BIOS settings?

I think it should be under:

advanced -> devices -> onboard devices

Yes, WLAN is enabled. Where should I be able to find the wifi network if everything is working? The bootup screen? Web admin page?

The bootup screen says “searching for network address…” and “runsv: ntpd: fatal: can’t start ./finish: Permission denied”

It appears next to Ethernet settings in the Web admin page…

You can ignore the ntpd error, it’s already fixed in the release that went out yesterday

Visit Roon’s settings > about to force the update

I’ve updated to build 72 and “Ethernet” is still the only tab under “Networking” on the admin page.

I found the problem… new build coming later today

Great. Thanks very much!