NUCs, NICs and vLANs - Roon Dual Homing Questions

I’ve bounced between various core strategies - I’m currently using a Gen 11 NUC running Ubuntu. I’m hoping to get some input and hear people’s experience with dual homing on ROCK and other Unix variants. I’ve read old threads but don’t have a sense of what the current state of the art is.

My network is end-to-end UniFi. I’m experimenting with dual homing my NUC across two VLANs. One with all Roon related stuff (BluOS, Sonos, KEF, NAIM, NAD, RPi, FiiO DAP), the other with Macs, PCs, phones, tablets, NAS, etc.).

One NIC is on the built-in ethernet port, the other is a wired to a USB-C dongle. I had issues with finding a compatible dongle, but that’s sorted out.

This setup works. Client discovery and streaming works on both interfaces.

I’d appreciate input and clarity on a couple of things:

  • I know this isn’t advertised as a Roon supported topology / feature. Seems like people have been doing it reliably for a long time. Is that the case? Does it get flaky or break across releases?

  • When Roon binds to multiple interfaces, are they equivalent across functionality? Seems that only one works for ARC - is which one configurable and/or likely to change across reboots? Is there any way to influence this? Any other differences?

  • Does all of this work on ROCK in case I decide to go back to that? Or am I better of sticking with Ubuntu for some reason?

Thanks for any tips, experiences, input, and clarity.