Number of albums limit

I currently store my music in a QNAP NAS (22TB used)

There are 30000+ albums, managed by minimserver and played on a dCS Vivaldi One.

I’m considering the use of Roon, purchasing a Roon Nucleus + subscription.


1.- Would Roon be able to manage such a big database?

2.- Since 80% of the music is classical, mostly HiREs downloads, and we all know that tagging on these are poor, will Roon be able to manage it?

I currently use minimserver because its ability to navigate by folder, but it seems Roon can’t do that right?

With that album count it would put you up there in the top 2% of track count here I would say.
A large DB generally requires a pretty powerful PC and a lot of RAM.
A Nucleus might not be your best bet IMHO
A Nucleus+ might do the job but I would think a ram upgrade would be required.

I have a powerful PC, but a PC is too “dirty” and noisy to stream at the highest quality.
Currently I use QNAP NAS with JCAT ethernet and linear power supply add on + Innuos PhoenixNet switch to do the job. minimserver manages the library.
Installing Roon in the NAS doesn’t seem a good option IMHO.
In my opinion, a silent external server would be necessary, so I thought about Roon Nucleus.

Sorry but ROFL.


No it is, my PC swore at me the other day!

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I’m not sure I agree that the PC would be too dirty but to your point: Are you thinking the Vivaldi would be connected to the PC via USB?
Another option is to use an endpoint such as a Rendu.

And, no, Roon does not allow folder browsing but I don’t think you’d miss it.
Roon offers many ways to browse and search your music that I find more useful.

Check out the i7/offerings from Small Green Computer

Surely as long as you feed an End Point by Ethernet any electrical noise in the PC would be moot .

Even something as cheap and cheerful as a RPi with RoPieee would “break the noise” using a Vivaldi implies your kit is quite hi end so maybe something better with a good linear power supply.

That album count is Massive , say 3 Million Tracks ? Most things will struggle. Its not Roon per se , I don’t believe they have ever put a limit on content , its just the sheer size the Roon db will be and searching etc will be very processor intensive.

Personally for that number of albums I would dedicate a Windows PC, biggest processor (i9) you can get , stacked with RAM , 32 Gb at least maybe even 64. I would also put the HDD’s in it as a complete Box and use the NAS for backup

Somewhere in the distant past I read here that for really BIG libraries Windows is the way to go

The big proviso is to follow he Roon Recommended Architecture of splitting Core> Network > End Point then to Hi Fi to isolate any potential noise form a Beefy PC required for the job. Physical isolation , ie another room from listening would be recommended as such a computer is likely to be noisy

Are you running Minim on the NAS currently ?

I would start by trying out Roon on your pc and see how you like it. Roon does not do folder browsing and works a bit different from other programs and whilst it has improved for classical some real classical fans still don’t like it. So before investing in nucleus plus try it out and see how it goes on identifying your collection and if you like how it works before investing in a nucleus.

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