Number of Roon licences?

(Stephane Cherie) #1

Is it possible to know how many Roon licences are on going?

And how many in France?

Question from France !!


(Robert ) #2

It proprietary. Question has been asked previously. There are over 23,000 forum members, so raw licenses should be higher than that.

(Stephane Cherie) #3

Thanks for your reply !

(Dom) #4

Yes and since the entire support is only via forum and not a hotline etc. probably everyone who bought Roon will end up at this forum sooner or later. As much as I adore Roon, I simply do not think that many people use it without ever having a question or problem with it.
So the number of forum members minus those who only tried the software, should give us a good guestimate how many Roonies there are out there. It is niche.

(Ged) #5

Roon have said they have circa 100k users now. There are 23k registered users on this forum of which 5k are classed as active. So only 5% are potentially having current problems. If you take out the people who are just discussing things, giving support etc then it looks like a very small % who are currently having issues.
The roon team have said in the past that the forum users are not an accurate representation of the user base.

(Dom) #6

I did not mean current issues, it would simply be rather amazing if only a small percentage of Roon owners ever had issues or questions about the product. Since the only way of support is here, they would obviously register here.
If they have 100k customers, then it is good for us - some safety for it to continue doing great work. Just seems a little bit odd to me.

(Andrew Cox) #7

I think the figure for total users is 100k or so. Earlier this year Danny mentioned it as the next milestone they wanted to reach. Although I also find it surprising the facts appear to be that less than 1/4 of Roon users register on the Forum.