Number of Roon licences?

Is it possible to know how many Roon licences are on going?

And how many in France?

Question from France !!


It proprietary. Question has been asked previously. There are over 23,000 forum members, so raw licenses should be higher than that.

Thanks for your reply !

Yes and since the entire support is only via forum and not a hotline etc. probably everyone who bought Roon will end up at this forum sooner or later. As much as I adore Roon, I simply do not think that many people use it without ever having a question or problem with it.
So the number of forum members minus those who only tried the software, should give us a good guestimate how many Roonies there are out there. It is niche.

Roon have said they have circa 100k users now. There are 23k registered users on this forum of which 5k are classed as active. So only 5% are potentially having current problems. If you take out the people who are just discussing things, giving support etc then it looks like a very small % who are currently having issues.
The roon team have said in the past that the forum users are not an accurate representation of the user base.

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I did not mean current issues, it would simply be rather amazing if only a small percentage of Roon owners ever had issues or questions about the product. Since the only way of support is here, they would obviously register here.
If they have 100k customers, then it is good for us - some safety for it to continue doing great work. Just seems a little bit odd to me.

I think the figure for total users is 100k or so. Earlier this year Danny mentioned it as the next milestone they wanted to reach. Although I also find it surprising the facts appear to be that less than 1/4 of Roon users register on the Forum.


Not that we will ever get an answer, but I wonder what percentage are lifetime members. As unhappy as I am with Roon Software (the hardware seems OK), I probably would still have purchased a lifetime membership since I don’t know what else I would replace it with yet. The relevant point here is that if the license base is not growing rapidly, how much money do they have from lifetime and other subscriptions to do support/bug fixing and enhancements.

I would not worry. They are adding employees, not reducing.

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Wonder how many are using a free/lite version. I seem to recall Elac having one. Can’t imagine that’s a large segment, regardless. If you go by the 100,00 mentioned by roon, guess a couple of thousand are using the free version, and 25% are lifetime, that gives you about 70,000+ annual subscribers, which is a nice business.

I also seem to recall they said on their blog that they have 30 employees. The industry benchmark for software companies used to be about $200k in revenue per employee. That would be in the same general ballpark as the above guesstimate.

And, the lifetime subscriptions generate substantial revenue, almost 6 years worth of annuals. I wonder what percent of customers hang around more than 6 years?

Especially since this is where support is provided.

I’m a four plus year user. I have had only a very few problems. I had a few network issues prior to going to a strong mesh network, but no longer have those issues. I use iMac desktop for a core. Twice. 2014 iMac four core, now a 2019 iMac six core. Only huge hiccup I’ve had was the Catalina upgrade mess, and I had a Win 10 laptop to use as a core until that was straightened out.

Overall, I’ve had very few problems, and I am a fairly heavy user of the platform.

If I had a quarter for every time a person said “it can’t be my network, I can stream Tidal fine”, only to discover there was a network problem…
In the 60’s (tubes) you hit the TV on the side to fix the problem.
In the 90’s (Solid state) you switch it off and turn it back on.
With Roon, you fix the network and/or reboot.
I suppose one could argue it’s a chicken and egg thing. Roon and a flawed network equals trouble. Is it Roon or is it the network? I would agree that lots of other software is much more tolerant.

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Exactly. If you have a weakness in your network, hardware, or environment, Roon will find it.

Hi, the point was not that everyone has problems. I would think that Roon is the sort of product that throws up a few questions when you use it, so I would think that just about every Roon User ends up here - as did you.

Good for Roon and us that they have so many more customers than forum members. But strange, as for me I joined the forum immediately, there was a lot to learn and interesting info.

Fair enough. I try to chip in and help people out when forum members have similar equipment. (imac cores, Bryston BDPs and Sonore mRendus). If its ROCK, Nucleus, or NAS, I don’t have enough personal knowledge to help. What I find humerous is the new forum member(s) with ten days experience giving a full rundown on the ins, out, and weaknesses of the program. They usually end up in the muted zone.

I joined the forum immediately in April 2016. My lifetime subscription is now fully funded.

I would be surprised if 20 percent of Roon customers end up on this forum.

Here’s a swag: There are 33K forum users. I believe there are around 100K subscriptions. Some users have multiple subscriptions. Probably somewhere between 25-30 percent forum member to subscription rate.

I would have thought that a fairly high percentage, I view the forum daily but I am retired with the spare time to do it , your average “worker” may prefer other occupations after a days work maybe just listening

The Forum is a source of Support but I suspect the 30% ish of users haven’t used the forum for that purpose.

For myself , I have had Roon running just on 3 years , and while there are bits I don’t like in terms o features I can remember only one occasion where Roon has failed me in any technical way (Tidal Auto logon caused by Tidal changes). Network issues are mine , I fixed them by avoiding wireless, Quite simply I find Roon rock solid and stable. I have 6500 albums and a Tidal subscription and i use a bog standard i7 Desktop on Windows 10