Number of times played - colour of icon

In Album view for example, every screen object that is selectable by the user is light blue in colour (except the black queue bar at the bottom). The only exception is the “times played” graphic next to the track duration. Suggest this be coloured black like the track duration.
Trivial I know!

Hi Jeff,

Each time the track is played more of the little black square turn blue, hovering over them shows the last played date. If they are all black, it had not be played thus no information to show.

Does that help?

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OK, thanks Carl. Using a computer you can hover over the icon and get extra information. I guess that justifies the blue icon colour = user interaction possible. I was using a tablet where no interaction seems to be possible.

Incidentally (since you’re already talking about this), I meant to mention at some point that while the squares are blue, the numerical count changes to white text.

That’s true … there’s some scope to improve consistence here.
I’ll drop a flag for @Brian.

And I’ll drop a flag for @Brian2

If your new hire’s called Brian, things should get interesting…:wink:

We have a system for that.