Nura headphones end point?

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I’m interested to try the Nura headphones. They use Bluetooth or USB and have an in built DAC/amp.

Based on the specs, what would be a simple way to hook these up to Roon? At the computer I could probably just plug in, but thinking more about around the house?

Is Bluetooth from iPhone going to handle hi-res?

Bluetooth doesn’t handle Hi Res, I’m not even sure it handles CD quality lossless, Aptx compresses lossy and they refer to it as “CD-Like” quality.


Ah yes, Aptx seems to be the Bluetooth option. I’d try this first. I think it’s 48kHz / 198Kbs. Probably good enough for me.

To answer my own question, if using the analogue cable with the Nura, Mojo + Poly would be a simple Roon Ready endpoint.

I’ve not heard of anyone using Nura with a dedicated DAC so it might be overkill.

The headphones for iOS devices (lightning) connections have their own dac in the cable and can do better than BT with bitrates too…like the Audeze iSine range. I’m sure there are others too…not sure about over the ear types tho. The iSine 20 is a great headphone but the comfort factor might not work for everyone.

Personally I find over the ear headphones make me sweat too much…probably living in the tropics doesn’t help.

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Thanks, I’ll have a think.

I sometimes use an Oppo HA-2 DAC on my iOS devices it does lightning (OTG android too) but it only supports 3.5mm hp out (maybe TRRS balanced too) but it can also be used as a USB DAC too … up to DSD256. doubles as a 3000mA booster too.

Lots of options these days for sure.

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