Nvidia Shield Tablet display Tablet Mode

Searching the forum on “Shield Tablet” will pick up three or four mentions over the last year of the fact that the Nvidia Shield Tablet, while incorporating significant processing power and graphics capability, displays Roon in ‘Phone’ format. In fact, my specific tablet (early version but the replacement sent to me after the battery recall), running 1.2, would unpredictably display either Phone or Tablet format. Both appeared and functioned as expected (indicating the device could do the job) but I couldn’t cause Tablet format to appear each and every time. My hope was that 1.3 would solve that problem; I now see that in 1.3 the Nvidia Shield Tablet no longer flips to Tablet format at all.

With that in mind, a feature request: Please allow the Nvidia Shield Tablet (in all versions) to be recognized by Roon as a “Tablet” capable device.