NY Times: Five Minutes That Will Make You Love 21st-Century Jazz

“Writers and musicians including Sonny Rollins, Melanie Charles and Terri Lyne Carrington share their favorites from this millennium.”


Five time periods of any duration would not make me love :joy:

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Please tell us what music you do like so we can then go and post just how much we dislike that horrible music. Really if you don’t like or enjoy jazz then why do you feel the need to post negative comments? Just avoid these threads, just as I avoid threads about musical genres that I don’t care for. Live and let live is a good rule to follow.

i don’t mean to be insulting, I am just a bit puzzled as to individuals feel that it’s okay another person’s musicial taste.

My reply was to @Bill_Janssen who I’ve had had jazz conversations with before. But feel free to get your knickers in a twist.

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@ged_hickman1 don’t mean anything by his comment.

I feel sorry for him not understanding jazz. :laughing:

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I took no offense, Ged. I know you’ve yet to appreciate jazz (and country). Someday!


The article has an interesting, if somewhat brief, selection of some of the more exciting young jazz musicians on the scene today. Makes for a good place to start, which I guess is the whole point.

Jazz and country? Don’t push it.

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