Obnoxious Reviews!


You are missing something, but I’m not sure what it is! The topic is about being able to add other reviews in addition to the default AllMusic ones, or where there is no AllMusic review present.

(Tom O'Brien) #17

Thanks. So the visible ratings are gleaned from the likes of Allmusic etc?
Be good to add personal ratings that other subscribers could access if they wished. I subscribe to Stereophile magazine and they have a monthly in-depth review of albums which I find helpful.
I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz that gives me the best of both worlds.

Cheers, Tom


Not so much the ratings, but the reviews. You can already add personal ratings in addition to the scraped ratings that come with the reviews.

(Tim Chapman) #19

AllMusic reviews are a mixed blessing. Most are very good. Some are a tad pointless and a very small minority are rubbish. It’s the rubbish ones that annoy me - I would like a Nuclear Destruct option allowing me to block individual reviews :joy:


If we all liked the same things then life on this blue and green rock of ours would be pretty dull. It’s one person’s view what does it matter if it doesn’t align with your own. Deal with it people.


Exactly! Some people like music reviews imposed on them, others don’t. Like anything in life it’s nice to have the choice. And when you consider that Roon is not free software. And that for many it’s a way of organizing and playing a private collection of music, then perhaps unsolicited opinions really have no place there. At any rate the choice to have or not have them would be rather democratic. Don’t you think?

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(Daniel Beyer) #22

While I don’t like some of the reviews, stop and think about what turning off reviews means.
It will create a large empty space all the time.


If there’d be a way to hide reviews I’d only use it if it would work on a case by case basis - like a heart / ban feature for a (single) review, as there’s for tracks. If this functionality would be easy to “copy over” from tracks to reviews I have no idea. And - to make things tricky: I’d like reviews to automatically “unhide” if they change at the metadata provider side. Which they probably do at times - and that is a part of the Roon metadata package I wouldn’t want to miss.

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(Rich Nourie) #24

The reviews and artist bios are a major plus for me with Roon. I like discovering new music and now that Roon Radio encompasses the whole of Tidal and not just my collection, learning about the artists through the All Music content has definitely enhanced my experience. I find that when I go back to use Spotify on occasion, I really miss those features.

So sure, maybe there could be a way to turn reviews and bios off would be good for some folks. I’m not sure I’d like Roon to be cluttered with lots of different alternative reviews; that’s what the internet is for for me.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #25

I don’t see why this would need to have a cluttering effect. You could just scroll down like you do now, but with more content below. I enjoy having the content there, but I think it would be better to have more than one point of view.

(Ben McGuire) #26

I totally agree with you here. I see some of the upsides of not recreating the wheel with Wikipedia links opening in a Roon integrated browser, but it does sorta “kill the vibe” when you get taken out of the experience with it.

All in all, I’d like them to open in a tab within Roon, so that I could stay in roon, but be able to read the Wiki while also doing other Roon stuff.


You could post this as a feature request; display track/album/artist/ internet content in Roon.


It’s more the ability to add extra reviews that is important, rather than deleting the scraped Allmusic ones. That way we can add reviews from our preferred sources. It could be implemented in a streamlined way using tabs or something similar as is already done in other areas of Roon.

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(Mike O'Neill) #29

I often add Gramophone reviews as a PDF into the album folder, works fine , not sure of the copyright implication mind, not the same as the built in ones but a viable alternative

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(David Toole) #30

I enjoy the reviews. Far from being “useless chatter,” I find them enlightening. I don’t always agree, and I don’t expect to always agree.


The reviews are fine, but they’re just one person’s view, and sometimes that person is opinionated rather than authoritative or credible. So I would like to be able to add links of my choice to albums - for example to Gramophone reviews - much in the same way as I can tag an album, or prefer my own metadata. Would just make roon a richer, more personal, experience.

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(Ged) #32

Add it as a feature request or add your thoughts to an existing request.


These kind of things have already been requested numerous times.

(Ged) #34

As for example, in 2017

(Randy Hatcher) #35

I like that the reviews are there. If you don’t then don’t read them.

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