Observation: Network problem and the solution

Just sharing as it can save you from harm, … maybe :innocent:

Experiencing a lot of drop outs on my AV network on one port while testing a streamer.
All other ports working as intended, at least i think so :wink:
There were/are no audible and visual anomalies experienced over time on other ports.
But, there were problems…!

The network configuration with problems:
1Gb/1Gb fiber uplink <-> MikroTik RB750GSi <-> Cisco 2940CG <-> Zyxel Gigabit switch unmanaged <-> Raspberry Pi 4 with vitos and ropieee.

This had massive dropouts resulting in connection loss and problems with audio.
At first i thought it was the RPi that was faulty or Vitos, so i tested with Ropieee.
The dropouts stayed, packet loss was at about 5%.
Packet loss on other ports was 0%, strange.

I had an extra Cisco 2940 1Gb uplink and 100Mb ports for testing that i replaced the Zyxel with.
After some configuration, i use VLANs, everything in place.
… no packet loss, music playing like it should, no drop outs.

This might be a compatibility issue with the RPi ethernet port and the Zyxel at 1Gb speed, but have not tested this, the Zyxel is not managed.
I did not test it with 2940 because it has no access ports with 1Gb.
Further testing will have to wait until i have an other switch in place.
On the Zyxel switch were also my H390, a Node2i and an Apple TV connected.

NEVER trust a (networking) device because it works so well, or have done so.

A stable network is paramount for a satisfying experience with Roon.

The Zyxel switch is a GS-105Bv3, had the RPi connected to the port labeled “high” as in priority.
Maybe the prioritizing feature is cause for the issue, not sure but it could be.

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From the Roon Core to the Pi, it’s 1Gb → 100Mb → 1Gb - is my understanding correct? That is not ideal.

The “high” also looks suspicious. That might imply QoS that cannot be disabled, and that’s bad for problem diagnosis. I’d rather you use a normal unmanaged switch such as GS105 from Netgear.

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Hi Peter,

My post is just to show that it is easy to blame Roon for a problem that is in the network.
The unmanaged Zyxel failed intermittently on one port and there was no obvious sign.

FYI, i am used to work with enterprise networking components and routed and routing protocols.
Managed switches and routers are not a problem for me and make my network a playground.
I have no issues with regards to SQ and stability.
Will not blame Roon if something is wrong, not before diagnosing the problem as not my fault :sunglasses:


Have now exchanged the Cisco 2940 with a MikroTik RB751G-2HnD with the AP disabled.
This MikroTik has a more conveniant form factor to hide behind the stereo.

The MikroTik RB751G-2HnD is actually a router with a switch chip.
Full switching via switch chip on all ports within my home VLAN.
Testing upload and download at 520Mb/s and 870Mb/s with a ping time 2ms average.
Measuring bandwith on the port the Ropieee is connected at 5Mb/s average, it will do.
Since this router is to be used as travel router/vpn it will be replaced with a hEX S.
MikroTik makes some interesting little but fast network devices.