Observations about a large complicated library

Hey Gang,

Roon support (Mike and Danny) has been very helpful offline in trying to resolve a problem with non-responsive watched folders on a NAS using Mac. I want to throw out another issue for community response that may or may not be related. Experimenting with the watched folder issue has caused me to restart Roon many times over the last few weeks, and I’ve recorded an inconsistency in the number of files Roon sees after a rescan. Here’s a sampling in chronological order:

Tracks Albums
70565 8029
74002 8276
70679 8040
70576 8028
70880 8060
74163 8227
74149 8275
71003 8069

iTunes is consistent, but it distinguishes between music files and audio books. It reports:

Tracks Albums Books
70164 8342 3859

Is it possible that Roon is sometimes intepreting the books, which are mostly Audible .aa files, as music files?

I’ve noticed the same thing. After my last restart the number of albums Roon listed in my library dropped by quite a large number.

This sounds worrying…I will start checking this too.