Observations of a newcomer to Roon

Hi there.

I’m a newcomer to Roon, took advantage of a 60 day trial with my LS50Ws and have now taken the plunge and subscribed for a year and set up ROCK on a NUC.

I’m already an enormous fan of Roon and can’t imagine living without it.

The integration with Allmusic, astute music suggestions, MQA functionality and full screen artwork on my iPad Pro as Roon Remote are all hugely increasing my enjoyment of music and discovery of new music.

However, I have one query which makes me wonder whether I’m using Roon correctly.

On Spotify, Tidal etc. when you select an artist, you are shown the five most popular tracks of that artist. This is generally a pretty good way to dip your toe into that artist’s work - not foolproof by any measure but still generally gives you a good flavour of what that artist is about.

However, when I select an artist on Roon, the top tracks are rarely representative of the artist’s work (or at least not the best selections for ‘dipping your toe’.

I know there’s a ‘Play Now’ function but when I try this with artists whose work I’m very familiar with, it’s fair to say that the track selections are rarely the ones I would choose to introduce somebody to the artist (and certainly not as good a selection for introduction purposes as the most popular tracks would be).

I’m using Roon integrated with Tidal and some local files.

Am I doing something wrong?

Surely Roon has a sufficient user base to be able to show a meaningful ‘Most Popular’ for each artist to allow people to ‘dip their toe’?

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