Observations on installing Early Access

I just installed the early access release on Nucleus, Windows 10, iPad Mini 6, iPad 8th Generation, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Zero issues. Also, no problems with Roon ARC on iPhone and both iPads.

Also, upgraded Nucleus to build 1155 with no problems.

Early Access just killed my setup ! Everything seemed to have gone fine updating Nucleus+ then my library suddenly shrank to 0 albums and further investigation revealed that the Samsung 4tb ssd inside appears to have been reformatted and is no longer seen by Roon (it keeps prompting for Network Share to add music as a result )
So , before I leave Early Access , I need to get the drive recognised so I can start a rebuild . Any ideas ?


My drive has reappeared on Nucleus+ and Roon has repopulated with album details . But ,when I press play on any track I get " Playback was stopped because a track failed to load " ??

Does this confirm that my music has been wiped and only the database remains or is there something else needing to be reset ? Under ‘Early Access’ my library kept re/dis appearing so I have reinstalled Roon , Remotes and Arc production versions so Im praying that that may help .

Any ideas ?