Occasional Artist Links Take Me To The Wrong Artist

Hi, I just finished my first year using Roon, and while I do love it without equal, I do experience the occasional artist bug where the link in an album to an artist takes me to a different artist, albeit usually the names are similar.

For example, see here the No New York album produced by Brian Eno in 1978. It features music from four different artists.

If I scroll down to the bottom of the tracklist, I see a link to the band DNA’s page.

If I click the DNA link, it takes me to a random DNA page with no information. It also has a tag listed of Rap, which is definitely inaccurate.

If I look at the other tracks in the bottom section and click that link, it then actually does take me to the correct artist page for the DNA band that should be linked to the No New York album.

I’m not sure how I can correct this, and while it is not a deal-breaker it is still unhelpful when it takes me somewhere else.

There are two things you can do.

1. Edit the artist.

Click on the three dots next to the track. Then from the drop down Edit → Edit Track - Edit Credits.
Then untick the DNA you don’t want and add the DNA credit you do want.

2. Merge the artists.

Doing the above means you will have to do it every time. Often there are several artists with the same or slightly different spelling. But you can see from the artist page they are the same artist but with varying amounts of meta data, links, maybe one has a pic and the other not. In this case you can merge the artists choosing the one with the most metadata or the metadata you prefer as the primary artist.

Unfortunately this is much more involved but it means you only have to do it once.

a) First you are going to have to make sure all the artists you want to merge are what roon calls “primary artists”. Just go to the album editor at the top of the album view, click the three dots. Then from the drop down, Edit → Edit Album → Add Primary Artist. Add all the artists you want to merge and they will appear at the top of the album view as ‘blue’ links.

b) Next go to the main side bar menu. Hamburger → Artists → Funnel (put in the artist you want to merge).

c) Highlight the artists you want to merge. This can be tricky depending on how the funnel filter narrowed the artists. Maybe there are still pages and pages. No matter. If you are patient you can still highlight the artists you want to merge.

d) A grey merge artists button will appear top right. Click on that and choose the artist you want to be the primary artist.

e) Go to the album editor and delete the primary artists you made in step 2a) if you don’t want them cluttering up your album view screen.

Beware, once you start editing and customising roon like this you will need to be more vigilant with back-ups as you will otherwise loose these edits if you need to restore or move your library

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Wow, your second suggestion worked beautifully. Thanks a bunch. Luckily I don’t see this too often in my library, but now I know what to do when I see it again.

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