Occasional distortion, static and loss of volume in right channel only

I’m experiencing occasional distortion, static and loss of volume in my right channel only. The signal is fine most of the time but degrades occasionally during playback. This is totally random and occurs on both ripped cds and Qobuz regardless of nitrate. I would appreciate any help here as I just don’t know where to start. Thanks!

Sounds like a loose or faulty connection somewhere. It would probably help if you detailed your system. What components are you using, and how are they all connected together? Including cabling and speakers.

Thanks, Bill. I’m running a Mac Mini (2011) into an Ifi Nano LE dac via usb. The dac is connected via Audioquest RCA cable to my Merantz 6012 receiver which is connected via speaker cables to my Goldenear 2+ speakers. I have checked all of the cables and connections and all appears well and in good order. The condition doesn’t get worse or change by wiggling the cables.

I would suspect the receiver first, I think. If there’s some way to swap in a different receiver, that would be a way to confirm that.

Swap the L-R speaker connections. If the problem stays with the R speaker, then something might be wrong with it. If it switches over to the L speaker, the cause is your receiver, the speaker cable itself, or upstream. You can swap the L-R RCA cables to troubleshoot further…

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