Occasional Qobuz login failed

I’m seeing occasional “Qobuz login failed” errors when opening the roon app on my iPhone or iPad. Retrying seems to work immediately every time.

The roon core reboots daily & that hasn’t seemed to make a difference.

Any ideas how to resolve it once and for all?

I’ve moved this to general support more chance if it being noticed there.

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Hi @jasonheyd,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Have you noticed any patterns about when this appears? When did this start happening?

Hi @dylan,

I believe it started with the 1.7 update, but I could be mistaken. I’ve just recently subscribed to Qobuz, and had previously only used Tidal.

The issue appears to happen only after the core has been rebooted. Specifically, the computer on which the core runs automatically shuts down at 1 am and then automatically restarts at 6 am. It looks like each day the initial Qobuz login fails when I first open the roon app on my iPad.

My network is a 5-node eero mesh, with two wired nods and three nodes connected wirelessly. All of the eeros are the Pro model, and all are running the latest version of the eero firmware.

The roon core is on a wired connection, connected through an unmanaged gigabit switch.

The roon core is version 1.7 (build 500) stable, running on Windows 10 Pro, version 10.0.17763 Build 17763.

The Windows machine is an Intel Core i7-4790K with 32 GB of RAM.

I’m directly connecting to a Pioneer Elite SC-05 via HDMI.

The local library is running on an internal 4TB Western Digital Red WD40EFRX.

The only service that I have connected is Qobuz.


Hi @jasonheyd — Thanks for the details!

I think the next step here is to enable diagnostics so we can take a look at why the login might be failing initially. First, I’m hoping you could do the following the next time this happens:

  1. Make a note of the time you open Roon and see the error message
  2. Make a note of the time you are able to log in without issues

Respond here with the two times above in your local timezone and then we can enable diagnostics so the technical team can have a look at exactly what is happening during those times.

I can try to reboot the server and reproduce the problem at any time.

Do you need to enable diagnostics before I do so, or can I just try it as soon as possible & let you know the two times that you need?

I am having the exact same problem with both Tidal and Qobuz. Every time I reboot my Mac Mini (the most recent one), I need to login the two applications after a red sign says : “Qobuz [or Tidal] login failed”.

Note that this started after I installed Roon 1.7. It’s not a big deal, as the two services are restored after I click on “login”.

Hi @jasonheyd,

Just let me know when you’ve done so, and the times mentioned above, and I’ll be able to enable the diagnostics.

Server/Core Restart: 5:33 PM Eastern
Login Failure: 5:37 PM Eastern
Login Retry/Success: 5:37-8 PM Eastern

Oddly enough, as I was playing music after the restart, I seemed to lose the local server’s audio sources. They don’t even show up under Settings -> Audio at the moment. Not sure it’s at all related, but I don’t believe I’ve seen that happen before.

I stopped and started the roon core at 6:05 PM Eastern, and the local audio sources showed up again.

Also, my Qobuz login continued working after the stop/start, so it looks like that behavior may only occur after a reboot of the core server.

@dylan Any news on this one? It’s still happening, at least occasionally. Thanks!

Hi @jasonheyd — Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay here!

The team has asked that I gather some more data here for their investigation — The next time this happens can you make a note of the time it occurs once more as you did above so we can enable some additional diagnostics?


No worries at all @dylan, and thanks for getting back to me. :slight_smile:

I just rebooted the roon core PC and got the Qobuz login error at 9:15 AM ET.

I actually had to click retry twice, although it’s possible things were just a little slow because the computer was still going through some startup tasks.

Thanks, @jasonheyd!

I’ve enabled the additional diagnostics now so the new report should be uploaded soon. I’ll be sure to follow up as soon as I have new feedback from the team.

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Hi @jasonheyd,

Just to verify — If you restart just RoonServer and not the Core machine this does not occur, correct?

Yes, that’s correct.

Thanks for verifying, @jasonheyd.

It sounds like when the Core is rebooted Roon is started and trying to connect before the network is up on the machine. I’m going to check with the team on what the options are here and I’ll follow up once I have their feedback.

I looked through the EventLog data, but I don’t see any indication of other network failures, or anything from roon itself.

It does seem the behavior’s new as of 1.7 based on a comment above: Occasional Qobuz login failed

I could probably try delaying the startup of the roon core if that would help with the debug.

Hi @jasonheyd,

I’ve requested feedback from the team, but it would be a good data point to know if a delay like you’ve mentioned above changes this behavior at all. Can you give this a try and let us know?